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Some of my Best Photography

You know how there are those teenagers that think they are professional photographers because their dad bought them a super expensive camera? Well, that’s me, except I know I’m not anywhere close to professional. On days when I bring my camera to school (you will soon see why!) I get looks and when people ask me about the camera I honestly can’t answer all their questions (I do, however, know what model it is and I am close to mastering the modes). But one thing I know: I enjoy taking pictures. So why not?

This photo was taken at my house and edited on (can’t believe that site is closing!!!). I really like it though… I think it’s quite interesting to look at.

Took these at my cousin’s house. Not much to say about them…

Just randomly insterting a picture of my little brother… I rarely see him and when I do I bring my camera at all times (so I have something to look at when he’s back in India and far away from me!)

My school is a very special place. Very special. The above photo was taken there.

Here are a few more photos of the more loveable and less stressful days and areas of my school:

And finally, one of the more beautiful scenes Israel has to offer in late winter/early spring:

Hope you enjoyed 🙂


About Maya Kind Of Writes

Hello! I'm Maya, and when I'm not procrastinating on the internet, going to school, or reading, I write.

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  1. Your brother is adorable! I love the one of the smashed melons, too.

    • Thank you! On the watermelon one the focus made it look blurry though… I hardly had time to make sure I got a good photo of that. I still like the picture though. 🙂

  2. The clown picture is fantastic! And your brother is precious!

    I heard about Picnik shutting down, and I was pretty disappointed, too. I wonder if another service will come in and take its place. I hope.


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