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Fandoms and Why I Love Them

So yesterday I had a fight with my mom… I hadn’t cleaned my room and she became impatient and just went in and disconnected the internet. She promised it’d be off for a whole week, and as I kept making her angry she raised that to two weeks, a month, six months, a year… I locked the door to my room and read my new ‘Harry Potter: Page to Screen’ book. The next morning she put the internet back.

While I was wifi-less, I had time to think. Why is the internet so important to me? And my answer was, It connects me with the rest of the world.

While most of my friends use the internet mostly for Facebook, I use it for lots of other things. Mostly the Harry Potter fandom.

Thanks to, at first, Facebook, then Pottermore and then myHogwarts, I found a world that was so welcoming and warm to me, that I couldn’t stay away. Millions of people who loved the same things as I did, and soon became a huge family to me.

The Harry Potter Fandom became something I couldn’t keep away from… I’d spend hours on my fan pages and talking to other fans. It was spectacular. I’m a double beta-er, which means I got into both Pottermore and myHogwarts. Both on the first day. myHogwarts is amazing to me… I have joined to Wizard City of Tel Aviv (currently 13 strong!). It’s so simple, all of it. It’s like knowing them for years already. We’re part of this one, huge together. Something that can’t be understood from the outside.

Now, besides the fandom, I have blogging and youtube and lots of other things… But while I had no way to connect with the world from inside my room, I remembered how important this fandom was to me. One night without it and I was missing it dearly…

It doesn’t matter what you’re a fan of, as long as you’ve got a family like that around you, life’s much more beautiful…


A Rant About Friends

A few minutes ago I had a facebook conversation with my friend.

I told her about a new book I was getting, “Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey”. I was really excited (still am) because I had heard that it’s an awesome book.

Now, this friend can’t stand it when I talk about Harry Potter, which is a problem because it’s always (get it?) in my head. I can’t stop making Harry Potter references and I could talk about it all day, to anyone who listens.

She had asked me not to mention Harry Potter next to her, and I do try my best, but this was right after I ordered the book on Amazon and I was still really excited. I began telling her about the amazing artwork that’s in it, and how she’s gonna like it even without liking Harry Potter.

Well, she kind of got really mad at me. We had a mini fight on chat, which wasn’t pleasant. My argument was that if she had been a good friend, she would have at least faked a bit of enthusiasm and the topic of the conversation would have changed faster. But this certain friend is known for getting mad really easily, and I couldn’t get her off of it.

There are some qualities I can’t stand… When I write a book, the villain will surely be:

-Quickly angered.
-Stupid or unintelligent (well maybe that would make him a bad villain, but I had to add this to the list because I can’t stand people like this. Also I hate shallow or fake people).
-Mean and unkind.
-Hates for no reason.

But I have at least one friend that has each of these qualities, and I can’t give any of them up. Having friends is a complicated business (much more complicated than not having any, which I know from experience). And that previous sentence sounds really stupid. But it’s true.

What are your most hated and most loved qualities in a friend? And what would your ultimate book/movie villain be like?

Something unrelated:

Ooohh! It’s my second day on WordPress and I’ve already started my second blog… This is quite fun! 🙂

It’s a book review blog this time… Here it is:

(I know it’s empty right now, but I’ll post on it soon enough…)


Hi all!

This is my first time blogging on wordpress, or in English at all. But there’s got to be a first time for everything, hasn’t there?

I’ll inroduce myself: I’m Maya, 14, and I live in Israel. I’m a nerd at heart and I’ve got lots of stuff to share… I’m a bit nervous about joining this site, I really don’t know it at all! I’m used to whizzing my way around the internet, and it’ll take me a while to get used to a different website format.

I’m a Potterhead, addicted to the internet (like 99% of teens today) and a writer and a nerd. I may not seem like one at first: I dress girly, act girly, and I have friends. People don’t expect that from nerds. But I’ve got a surprise for you: lots of nerds are like that. The thing about being a nerd is that you have a side of you that’s just not like everybody else, but in the geeky way. And you don’t mind showing it when you can.

I’ve got to write so I can live (It’s my way of letting out my emotions), and I’d love to share my opinions with other people. I’m hoping to find interesting, intelligent people on here and hopefully not spammers or close minded douchebags (eg. “go die jew!” or “OMG i haaate Harry Potter and it’s like so stuupid! y do u even like it?!”), so if you’re that kind of person, you might as well leave now.

Also, forgive me if I have any spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes or I missuse a word. My English isn’t perfect and I’ve got the excuse of living in a non-english speaking country.

Hopefully somebody will see this post (I have no idea how new posts can be seen here) and I didn’t write this in vain. And hopefully this will be my place to share my thoughts and opinions, and listen to some others.